Please read the rules and creation rules first.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are Vampires, Ghouls and Mortals the only type of characters allowed in HAD?
We started this game to be a low maintenance, and fun game so the STs could run fast moving Sls (1-5 days) and we would actually do something like um, RP.

Why are you allowing Werewolves?
There are currently two werewolves in game. One of the Vamps has the ability summons one of the Werewovesf. The arrangement seems to be working welll after the first few days.

Why not include Sabbat or other genres etc ?
Running a Sabbat/Cammie chronicle takes a lot of planning and work. It requires a lot of things such as MSTS and Sts who work closely together so that the players trust all the St's involved with their character. It also requires that there is very little ooc bickering and rules mongering so the story can reach and keep a good momentum where everyone who chooses to be involved --is involved. And a fair outcome to the SL will be reached that has not been predetermined before the SL began.

Why are only a few players admitted each week or two?
A decision the MSTs made to keep the transition of new players joining the game smooth. The hope is that strong Sls will be running that new players can join right into.

Why are you guys such boogers about CS and Backgrounds?
Think of it as a resume for your character that tells us several things about both the character and you.
Such as:
- The Character's history.
- How he or she learned those cool powers.
- Where he or she learned those nifty skills.
- How he or she learned those lores.
- What his strengths and weaknesses are.
- What he is an expert in.
- You know what all those dots on the character's CS mean.

And here you thought it wasn't important and a complete waste of your time, Huh?

Does HaD accept Sabbat Characters or X-Sabbat in HaD?

What if my character has been accepted and is X-Sabbat?
Keep it a secret. It's not something you should be telling Camarilla Vamps any more than you would tell the Sabbat. The Camarilla believes that the Sabbat is a cancer that needs to be cut out. Sabbat Vampires won't waste their time re conditioning your character back into the ranks. The Character will be hunted. It will be played out in game.

What is the lowest generation accepted?
8th Generation. 9-13th are currently being accepted now.
No thin bloods please.

Are there lower generation characters in the game?
Yes. 1 an Archon who visits now and then and a few of the npc'd bad guys are 7th. No one at this moment is below 7th. There is a possible 6th gen bad guy in the works.

What is the highest level of disciplines accepted?
5th. No character either new character or pre-existing character can exceed the 5th level in a clan discipline or any other trait on the Cs.

Can a character have non-clan disciplines?
Non-clan disciplines may not exceed the character's highest clan discipline.
Sabbat disciplines will not be accepted.

Can pre-existing characters use 'freebie points' to purchase Attributes / abilities / backgrounds / merits or flaws/rituals etc?
Newp. Freebie Points can only be used at the time of Creation.

Are the NPC bad guys God characters?
Hmm... it might appear that the bad guys and girls of HAD are Gods. Every character has his or her weakness and the bad guys are beatable- wouldn't be fun if you could figure it out right away.

Are there god like characters in this game?
Newp. No character in HAD exceeds a level 5 in anything. That means none of the pc characters exceed level 5 in attributes. MST's NPC characters sometimes exceed the pc maximum.

Thaumaturgy. Lots of Questions about Thaumaturgy and Rituals.
To have a path of Thaumaturgy your character must be a Tremere and possess Thaumaturgy. Path levels may not exceed the highest level of thaumaturgy that your character possesses.

Example: Thaumaturgy 4.
Path of Corruption 4
Path of Morpheus 3

Rituals may be added accordingly.
4 level 1 rituals
3 level 2 rituals
2 level 3 rituals
1 level 4 ritual.

Your Tremere character may possess rituals that are equal to his or her highest level of thaumaturgy

Multiple Paths do not multiply the amount of rituals one may take. If you have 2 paths you may only take 4 level 1 rituals, 3 level 3 and so on.

Will Dark Thaumaturgy or its riutuals be accepted in the game?
Dark Thaumatury or Dark Thaum rituals will not accepted.

How does my character learn/gain more rituals?
Learning rituals must be rp-d and purchased with xp.
5 xp points the level. A level four ritual would cost 5x4=24xp.
Elder costs are higher.

XP and Awards will soon appear @

Can other Characters learn Thaumaturgy?
While there is a slender chance a Tremere might teach the secrets of Thaumaturgy to a member of another clan, it's not likely. If you provide an excellant story and are willing to play out the consequences then the MST's might consider it.

The Tremere are like the Borg. Resistance is futile. New clan members have been assimilated before they were embraced. Those who go against the machine will be readjusted or dusted (extinguished.) Everything a Tremere does is for the good of the clan. A rare anarch or desenter may arise from the ranks of the Tremere but their survival rate is not very high.