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Bonus Points: (Bp)
CS and BG 5xp
Both must be turned in to recieve the Xp points.

Awarded 1 time per character.
Charrie Pic 5xp Posted in HaD's Group Pages Awarded 1 time per character
WebPage (s) 10xp Must pertain to your character Awarded 1 time per character
Screen Play 5-10xp Story must be approved by the MST or AMST. You both write and story tell the SL for the all players. Awarded at the end of your SL.
Guest ST 2-5xp Pre approved by HAD's MST team. You run a scene, ST combat. Submit the log. Awarded on Sunday.

To recieve Xp for play in HAD:
1. Scenes must played in HAD Public room open to all HaD players.
2. Private scenes crucial to the SL currently open to all players may be submitted for Xp.
3. Send a log to Kisakata Rieszie and Zen82.

    Please include the following:
    • Date of play
    • A list of the players involved in the scene.
    • A summary of the scene 2 or 3 paragraphs but no longer that 1 page.
    • Please put this [ R ] in the subject box --if the scene contains adult or graphic violent content.
      (Curious small children with excellant reading skills share Debi's office.)
    • The Log of the Scene (s) posted beneath
    • Click here for an Example

This makes our job much easier and we can give you the xp you've earned on time each week. =) It also gives xp per log. TBA.

Thank you,
Joey, Matt and Debi

Experience Points: (Xp)
Role Play
1xp Role play for 1.5 -2 hours in a HAD public room. Awarded on Sundays.
Play out the entire scene. 1xp Lurkers don't get points. Awarded on Sundays.
Open a Room and Rp 2xp

Tired of waiting on the STs?
You can take the initiative -open a HaD public room
Park, Pub, University, Library, or The Royal Museum.
Log- it and send it off to Joey, Matt and Debi (Kid) for xp.

No action may be taken against players who are not present.

Awarded on Sundays. 31 August, 2004